WHO KNEW? Marion Cotillard moonlights in a rock band!

27 July 2010

LOOK! at sultry Marion Cotillard in this shoot for Interview Magazine. Wowsers! We lurve. Marion is the face of Dior, and an Oscar winning actress and yet we think of her as mild mannered and discreet. At 32, she’s also a teeny bit older than some of the other starlets and ingénues we’re used to seeing in the fashion magazines. Maybe this is why we like her so. . .

When she was interviewed by Hollywood colossus Nicole Kidman (the two actresses co-starred in the film 'Nine' two years ago) for Interview, Nicole managed to unearth some very candid bits from the French actress and muse.

For example, her eco-warrior persona “I was in the Congo for a week because I’ve been working with Greenpeace for a while and I’ve been wanting to do a documentary about the forest there.  . . I even slept in one of the forest villages. I really connected to the people there—their hopes and despair and struggles. It was an intense and beautiful trip.”

And then there’s her take on the world of dreams, very aptly, given she is starring with Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Inception', all about a man who interferes with other people’s dreams – “You know what? I would love to go into an animal’s dream — like a lion’s or a cat’s. I’m sure that’s pretty awesome.”

But possibly best of all, there’s her secret career. We never knew that Marion had been moonlighting in a rock band (?!?) “A friend called me up who is an amazing singer who goes by the name Yodelice. He said, “Would you come to the studio? I would love for you to sing one of my songs. I changed my name, of course. I said, “I can’t be Marion Cotillard.” We ended up using Simone, which is my other grandmother’s name. She passed away many years ago but always wanted to be a singer. So sometimes Simone appears with the band.”

Well, we thought she was cool before. But now we think we’re a bit in AWE of the French fancy!

Read the full article in Interview Magazine – out today!


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