The questions Bret’s celebrity fans were dying to ask…

23 July 2010

As you can imagine, it wasn't just Grazia Daily bursting with queries for the controversial mind of Bret Easton Ellis. Because when we announced Grazia would be hosting a very special audience with the the provocative author, a whole host of celebrity fans emerged from the woodwork with their own musings. Here, Mr Easton Ellis answers their questions...

Florence Welch: Can we expect any sequels from you any time soon? Like American Psycho 2? That would be amazing!

Bret Easton Ellis: I can say unequivocally no. For now. But at the launch party for Imperial Bedrooms one of my very good friends reminded me that 14 years ago I told him to shoot me if I ever wrote a sequel to Less Than Zero. So I’ll never say never.

Florence Welch: What books made an impact on you when you were a teenager?

BEE: Joan Didion’s journalism affected me a lot, Ernest Hemingway made me want to write, and when I wrote my first novel I was reading a lot of Raymond Carver short stories.

Kele: Do you watch The Hills or The City? Those shows remind me of the docu-drama narratives in your fourth novel Glamorama. What do you think of them?

BEE: I’m not a fan of The City, but The Hills is one of my all time favourite TV shows. Glamorama was a book inspired by MTV reality TV, imagining that in the future everyone would have their own reality show – but I never imagined it would get to the point it has. The Hills is genius, part-reality, part-scripted, the way it manipulates its characters so it looks dramatic – very meta. Its about loneliness and being young in LA. There’s a tragic grandeur to it, like a Jane Austen novel. It’s genius.

Peaches Geldof: To what extent do you think Los Angeles is still like the world within a world you portrayed in Less Than Zero?

BEE: I don’t think about LA that way – Less Than Zero was a very personal project; I didn’t intend for it to be one of the grand LA novels. I don’t think the city has changed, but I think I have. I feel more comfortable in LA now. It’s much cooler and more forward thinking. New York is over – it’s for rich people and tourists.

Remember to check back on Grazia Daily next week to watch the video from the event. Plus, Grazia will be hosting a live webchat about Imperial Bedrooms right here on Grazia Daily on Monday, August 2nd at 1pm, for those who would like to discuss the book. AND, if you want to win a signed copy for yourself, enter our competition here.


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