Lourdes / Lola Posts ANOTHER Blog!

16 July 2010

We totes need to, like RE THINK our like, lives and everything. Now teen queen of all that is grungey and good, Lourdes / Lola Leon and daughter of Madonna has posted ANOTHER blog and said the only things to be listening to now Are Florence and the Machine and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack;

“So this week I’m listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack….don’t laugh – but I’m obsessed with it, ugh so good. Be My Baby is suuuuch a redonculous song”.

We're, like, totally, gonna have to smash uuuuuuuup all of our Cheryl Cole CDs, y’know peeps? (Everyone knows that when you are a teenager you can only like a specific range of things).

She’s been promoting her Madge-collaboration, the Material Girl teenage fashion line which comes out in the autumn. And just check out the research she’s been putting into her new job as designer and fashion empress..

“Im going to East London in the next days, to this area called Bricklane, to get some more vintage – cuz you can never have to much vintagy-thrifty looking stuff”

From now on, that location will never, ever be two separate words again. Now we’ve heard this news we're absolutely cancelling all our weekend festival plans, and we're going to camp outside Beyond Retro in Bricklane (yes!) in the hope of catching a glimpse of her in her Doc Marten boots. She’s soooo right though. If you wear vintage, you can look totes different from everyone else and, like totally individual too!!!

Life can be, like, so TURBULENT when you are a teenager. Sometimes we long to be, like 13. *sigh, flounce flounce* or as Lola says "OH MY DAYYYZE!!!!"


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