Grazia Meets Daphne Guinness and Daisy Lowe at The Acne Party!

16 July 2010

Wowsers. Grazia Daily was not just a leedle bit pleased but WELL EXCITED to receive our invitatations to what we were sure would be the party of the month  . . . drum roll! ....the unveiling of the first ever Acne store to grace London’s streets!

We bowled up last night to the swanky Mayfair location eager to find out just what four floors of perfect Swedish jeans, knitwear and shoes could look like.

We are happy to report that we were not disappointed. The shop was a gleaming temple of minimal, white surfaces and square mirrors everywhere. There are alternate floors of menswear and womenswear including one floor dedicated entirely to the snugly fitted denims that were the genesis of the entire brand. Drinks were served by dashing waiters, their uniforms customised with flower garlands. The crowd were all in achingly cool, top-to-toe black with lots of seriously fashiony London beards, and all the girls were wearing the biggest, chunky wedges we'd seen outside of a Dutch Edam shop.


Drink in hand, we minced through the throngs, when who should we see but . . . DAPHNE GUINNESS! rocking Gareth Pugh motorcycle leathers bristling with nails! She was charm itself. When we asked her why she was such a fan of Acne she replied (Daphne’s fabulosity is SO off the scale that she never speaks, only murmurs, so you are forced to lean in to her to catch a word of what she is saying) “Their clothes are just so beautifully, perfectly cut. In fact, it’s the kind of thing, when I was a teenager that I railed against! Now I embrace it”.  *SWOON*


After a while there was a huge kerfuffle at the entrance as Daisy Lowe arrived in a lightening storm of pap flashes.  looking very pastoral in a white summer frock, (Daisy’s vintage dress covered in silk versions of her namesake). La Lowe told us “Acne are genius! It's all about the cut! The clothes are just cut SO well!" And with that, she was whirled away for another round of photos. What a fun evening! We positively floated down the pavement, off to catch the tube afterwards...

- Naomi Attwood


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