Calvin Klein's SECRET racy billboard ads!

15 July 2010

Some things in fashion are utterly, utterly predictable, season after season; Karl Lagerfeld probably will make some outRAGEous comments that the blogosphere will delight in repeating / pretending to denounce; Miuccia Prada will cast an unknown model for her show who will baffle everyone before becoming the Biggest Model in the World...and Calvin Klein's jeans/perfume/lingerie ads will feature massively raunchy images that cause a major public outcry as mothers try to shield their children's innocent eyes / businessmen crash their cars mid-ogle / women fall out of windows craning their necks to get an eyeful.

Yep, ever since that Brooke Shields commercial ('nothing comes between me and my Calvins') twenty years ago, it's generally expected that as soon as any new Calvin Klein advertising campaign is launched, all chaos will break loose...

Well, not this this season. 'Why?' we hear you ask 'has the House of Calvin chosen a prim and wholesome image for it's latest campaign?'. Erm, well, not exactly. In fact, the images are as raunchy as ever, only now, you need a secret code to see them....

Let us explain. Remember back in March when Grazia produced our groundbreaking high tech Augmented Reality issue featuring Florence Welch? Remember how we had all those funnily little black and white icons on some of the pages in the magazine, and when you held your iPhone up to them amazing things happened - like Florence popping up to do an exclusive performance on your mobile? Well, Calvin Klein is now doing the same thing - on a rather grander scale.

Pedestrians passing by the latest Calvin Klein Jeans billboard ads (in LA and NYC) will just see a giant pixelly red and white icon, under a teaser slogan "Get It Uncensored". Only those-in-the-know will be in on the secret - that an augmented reality iPhone app can unlock the images. Calvin Klein fans who have downloaded the app can hold their iPhones up to the billboards from street level, and the latest campaign will start playing on their mobile.

And is the ad racy? Well, it's a  40-second commercial featuring curvy Lara Stone and four male models, which the brand describes as "uncensored". Go figure.



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