You'll NEVER guess Anna Dello Russo's style icon!

13 July 2010

When one of Grazia’s most outlandish fashion heroines, Anna Dello Russo, was interviewed recently, Fashion Indie asked her;

“Many consider yourself their fashion icon. Who is yours?”
Who do you think she would say? Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face? Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor of Vogue from the 60’s and 70s? Someone from an F Scott Fitzgerald novel such as ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz?Imelda Marcos? (As Anna does admit to owning over 4000 pairs of shoes). We would have thought it would be either a character from fiction or history as there are very few public figures these days with an extravagance or imagination to match Signora Dello Russo. Although we see Daphne Guinness out and about regularly, most couture customers are quite private, for example, the wives of US oil magnates.

Pictures from Fashion Indie

But no. She replied
“Carine Roitfeld
. She has always fascinated me with her intriguing attitude and her incredible way of dressing”.

Huh. Carine certainly has her own niche going own, black lace, dark eyes and lace-up dominatrix boots, with plenty of imaginative twists thrown in to avoid goth clichés. But the more we think about it, Anna dresses NOTHING like Carine – so it’s a weird 'style icon' for her to choose. For example, Anna usually seems to be wearing 27 colours – Carine wears one – black. Anna loves to experiment with strange headgear, Carine doesn’t seem to even really experiment with hair-washing. Anna loves crazy clashing prints...Carine really doesn’t. Carine is super-sexy 24/7, Anna is something of a Tavi-style sexless fashion-ccentric.

We’re disappointed by Anna’s lack of imagination. Maybe she is after a job at French Vogue (she’s currently fashion editor at large and consultant to Vogue Japan) so peut-etre this is the reason.
Also – are we being UNBEARABLY vulgar when we say – we are also slightly peeved that the bloggers didn’t ask her to reveal another of her secrets; where does she get all her money from? Reputed to only give outfits a single wear before committing them to her archive, she also has a tremendous penchant for haute couture, and keeps her collection in temperature-controlled apartments (!) in Milan. Mysterious.

-Naomi Attwood


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