Gaga's Today show Fashion Marathon!

12 July 2010

Horay horay! It’s a Gagafest today! (The US TV program, The Today Show)  Yes oh yes, the Lady has been parading around on US telly with her newly bouffantified bob (we think; blond Liza Minelli, mmmm? OR do we detact a touch of the Hillary Clintons?).
Her outfits came courtesy of her regular collaborator Mr Giorgio Armani, a restrained white trouser suit, face obscuringly enormous eye shields (the word ‘glasses’ doesn’t really do them justice) before changing into a black bra and dungarees combo.

During her half hour set she delighted her little Monsters by playing the piano in the crazy eyewear, then rolling around on top of the grand, before dancing herself dizzy in some sprinkers. Followers of the ongoing saga ‘bra wars' (for example, Gaga’s gun bra in the video for Alejandro vs Katy Perry’s bun bra in her video) were pleased to add the sight of Gaga in a white brassiere adorned with crucifixes to the list.
Apparently, hardcore fans of her ladyship gathered in their thousands outside the Rockefeller Center days before the performance started. They camped outside decked out in full Gaga regalia, and two of the little mites even had to be treated in hospital for heat exhaustion. (!)

Gaga proved her devotion to the Little Monsters by tweeting the pavement-campers a message of support;  "May NY watchover u, + may u sleep smiling under the stars" And then ordering a takeout for some of them. She told the TV show host Meredith Viera'  "I heard there were thousands of kids outside, so I sent pizza,"


- Naomi Attwood


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