What's going on in Chanelworld now?

07 July 2010

You know that awful feeling? Yep, when you just spend the most exhausting day imaginable shopping your boots off at Chanel, then when you get home to your palatial Paris hotel suite you have so many bags and packages that you can’t actually move around the room?

Yes we know that feeling well. We were surprised to see that Dree Hemmingway and Abbey Lee have found themselves in exactly the same predicament! What are the chances of that? Anyway. The girls manage to boost morale by making the fit hotel boy try on some of their Chanel goodies then a quick scamper around the corridors (as we’ve said, room itself is full) followed by a luscious sleep while still cradling their new purchases.

Are we COMPLETLEY befuddled and bemused this Wednesday morning because we’ve not been getting much sleep recently? Or does this latest episode of Karlvision ™ strike anyone else as slightly nonsensical?

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