BREAKlNG NEWS: Tearful Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Three Months ln Prison

07 July 2010

The party has ended for Lindsay Lohan as last night the actress-turned-fashion designer was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days at in-patient drug rehabilitation programme, following the violation of her parole arrangement resulting from drunk driving charges in 2007.

Lohan was required to check in with her parole officer once a week for a period of 27 weeks, but during that time, she failed to show on seven occasions. ln court, Lohan tearfully claimed that she had misunderstood the terms of her parole arrangement "l know that l was ordered to go once a week. l wasn't missing the classes to hang or anything like that, l was working, mostly in Morocco l was working with children, it wasn't a vacation or some kind of a joke."

ln May, Lohan was photographed at the Cannes film festival and failed to return for her parole appointment claiming she had lost her passport. A warrant was issued for her arrest but was later revoked.

Judge Marsha Revel summed up by saying "l was tired of reading that basically she comes and goes as she feels like it ... l made it very clear: once a week ... because it's been my understanding that you get the most out of the [parole] programme by going once a week".

Lohan's escalating problems with substance abuse have been well documented, and the actress, who turned 24 last week, is currently voluntarily wearing a SCRAM ankle bracelet which monitors her sobriety. ln June the bracelet detected that she had been drinking alcohol following a party for the MTV Move Awards. Another arrest warrant was issued, but was again revoked.

The bracelet will be removed once Lohan is surrendered to the California Superior Court for her imprisonment, which will happen on July 20th.

Footage from the courtroom has been released by news agency Associated Press. 


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