Blogger Backlash! (ish)

06 July 2010

A snap from Tavi's Style Rookie blog

Fashion blogs, eh? How THE DICKENS did we survive before the days of dillions of little opinionated clothes-based sites popped up on the internet, with fresh updates each day to keep feeding our fashion addiction? We simply don’t know.

And the Le Petit Echo Malade version

Well, just like all other success stories in the world, there may well be bit of a backlash brewing. At first, it was the editors and writers of the traditional mags complaining that bloggers weren’t trained in their craft like they are, and there was outrage expressed when the holy grail of working in Fashland;  a FRONT ROW SEAT at the shows was bestowed on one or two of the more famous blog-based fashionistas (see Tavi and her view-blocking hat at the couture shows last season).

A look from Coco Rosa

Now we’ve got to tell you, there are signs that the tide is turning in relation to the supremacy of the bloggers. Exhibit A – a teeny French blog (yes, we know) called Le Petit Echo Malade we found on High Snobette. It's one of the most beautifully designed blogs we’ve seen, and it’s the creation of Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace, two French art graduates and satirists who gently poke fun at a selection of fashion bloggers. They send them up in parody shoots – like this genius re-interpretation of some swallow printed tights – taxidermy-tastic indeed! Nous adorons. We thought Fake Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life was our favourite ever bizarre fashion blog but now it has competition. 

And the Petit Echo version!

Secondly, we didn't snigger at all but kept a perfectly straight face (honest!) when we heard reports that Scott Schuman, author of the Sartorialist sat down in the front row next to Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia, and was subsequently unceremoniously removed by security. He wound up sitting on some steps. Fancy that. Banished to the back of the room like a over-confident intern!

- Naomi Attwood



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