Girl on film: Gaga and the Museum of Polaroids!

01 July 2010

What has Lady Gaga has been up to now? (heaven forfend she ever take a take a career break – we’d have no reason to get out of bed in the morning) Lets see. In her capacity as Creative Director of the newly revamped and saved from bankruptcy Polaroid, she’s been at the MIT Museum in Massachusetts.  

The museum was presenting its new collection of thousands of Polaroid inventions. As a company they revolutionised the world of photography over the last century, and even now digital is the standard, there is still a demand for the washed-out charm of a polaroid snap.  But which pic took pride of place in the exhibition? 

Gaga growling furiously at the camera in a slashed v neck black lace dress of course! Oh, and the camera that was used to snap her Ladyship. Magnifique!

-Naomi Attwood


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