Lourdes is blogging now!

30 June 2010

It’s not going to be available till August, and then only at Macy’s but the countdown until the launch of Material Girl by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes in ON! To make sure that no one is allowed to forget the impending retail event, Lourdes, now calling herself Lola, has launched a BLOG! To build the hype in true Madonna style.
Things we have discovered from reading the first post of said blog;
She is a bit of an Emo – preferring My Chemical Romance, because they are “so awesome it hurts” and the colour black as well as being excited about turning 14 in September because then she can dye her hair “THANK YOU MOTHER!!!”


The range of clothes is a kind of 80’s Desperately Seeking Susan meets 90’s Blossom, a flashback for any of us who spent the actual 90s spending our pocket money in Tammy Girl of a Saturday, before getting tall enough to fit into TOPSHOP and Miss Selfridge bits. The website is now online already featuring a ticking clock till launch date and some intriguing looking bit of footage, where you almost but don’t quite glimpse the identity of the model (We think it might be Taylor Momsen)

And finally, are we being too too unkind if we make the following observation? In that documentary about Madonna on tour, she was chattering away in perfectly accented French (she attended the posh Lycee in London) and explaining things patiently to her Mom. Now she's 13, she gone a bit:

“how cool rigghhhhhht???Annnnnnd I am 4 realz excited for the opening which I will give you the exact dates for in my next blog entry, so stay tuned for more”. ? ? ? ? Teenagers, eh?

We think she is very cool, (and a lot more cheery and positive than certain famous offspring) and, maybe in a world of terrifyingly precocious nippers like Tavi Gevinson it’s nice to have a 13 year old fashion blogger we can believe in! AND we think the sheer quantity of z's and exclamation marks (!) gives it a pleasing authenticity. MUCH better than the time we all thought Anna Wintour's daughter, Bee Schaffer, was tweeting and blogging, but it turned out to be a hoax.

-Naomi Attwood


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