Calling All Lady Geeks! It’s time to get ‘appy!

30 June 2010

You may have recently bought yourself a glossy new smart phone, but according to a new LadyGeek/YouGov survey, it’s all just for show.
And the reason – you’ve probably got ‘app fatigue’.
The survey showed that amongst 18-24 year olds, women were nearly twice as likely to never have downloaded even a single app, compared with their male counterparts.
And this is despite the fact that across all age groups, it’s women who have been snapping up those smart phones. Women were most likely to have obtained a new smart phone in the last six months than men of the same age – particularly women in the 25 – 39 year old age group.
While 1 in 4 men seek out recommendations for new apps online (compared to 1 in 8 women), 25% of women get app recommendations from friends (compared to 14% of men). And with Apple alone now claiming to offer a staggering 14, 000 different apps just for the iphone, it’s not surprising women want a short cut by asking their mates for recommendations. The survey also shows that women struggle to see the attraction of many apps, asking the question “how can this app enhance my life or help me become more efficient?”.
Well, now Lady Geek have the answer – a series of weekly ten minute youtube videos will showcase new apps, show you how to use them, and review them to see if they’re worth your time.
Grazia Daily’s own Editor Angela Buttolph will be appearing as a guest presenter in future shows, (demo-ing the best of the fashion apps, naturally), so watch this space.
We’d love to hear what you think of The App Show. Lady Geek founder Belinda Parmar says she wants the show to be “like Top Gear for apps”.
The show’s first episode, which debuts today, and the apps being tried out include Ovi Maps for Nokia, Sit or Squat on Blackberry and TouchNote on iPhone.

So do you like the show? Is it useful? Tell us below..




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