Grazia chat to Lily Cole!

25 June 2010

Lily Cole, thank you so much for talking to us! Can you tell us about the project you are involved in at the moment?

The project is called Vodafone VIP, and it’s basically a chance for Vodafone customers to have access to various different events throughout the year. You can choose between free tickets to London Fashion Weekend, Formula 1 events and lots of big music things. There are 10 music festivals, I think.


Is that why you are jointly fronting the campaign with Florence Welch and Jensen Button? (Music, Formula 1 and fashion at once)

Yes that’s right. Florence and Jensen and I all did a shoot together recently. It was good fun. They are both really funny and I am such a fan of Florence’s music anyway.


Lily on the runway for Hermes AW10

Oooh! So are we! What are your other musical preferences?

I love music. As well as Florence and the Machine, I love Joanna Newsome, I went to see her in London recently. Mmmm, who else? I like Sunset Rubdown [very cool band from Montreal with a singer who sounds like David Bowie] and  Modest Mouse.



And what about Festivals this summer. Are you going to be venturing to any outdoor musical events ?

I don’t know yet. Possibly the Big Chill or Hard Rock Calling.


So you favour a small festival then? Not tempted by Glastonbury?

I have been to Glastonbury before, but I like a small festival too. Also, I’m not such a huge fan of camping. I had to go camping so much growing up, I’m kind of over it now. The best time I ever had at a festival was when we went and stayed in a friend’s house in the next village! That was the best of both words.


And what about your ideal festival outfit?

It’s got to be wellies and a pair of short shorts, hasn’t it?


And what about more general summer fashion tips?

I really adore summertime and it’s so rare you can dress for the summer in the UK!  I’ve been in a really colourful mood at the moment. So that’s what I want to wear when the sun is out.


What designer is good to channel that feeling right now?                                                                          

I’ve just bought a McQueen dress. It’s from his spring and summer collection. That’s definitely very colourful. I’d even go as far as to say it’s quite psychedelic actually.

With film director Terry Gilliam


Lily you’re now as well known for your acting projects like the film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, as you are for your modelling work. What else have you got coming up that you can tell us about?          

I’m going to be filming in August, for a film that’s going to be called The Moss Diaries

Please can you recommend a good book for the beach/airport this summer                                               

AT the moment I’m reading a  book of letters between the author Nabokov and critic Edmund Wilson. Its called Letters: the Strange Case of Nabokov and Wilson. Although, I suppose it’s not really a light summer read. I am enjoying it lots though.

Blimey! That sounds very intellectual! Finally – we’ve been asked by the Grazia beauty team to ask you about your hair! They are in awe of your mane and want to know if you’ve ever felt tempted to cut it off!

Ooh no, I’m very attached to my long hair. Although I’m toying with the idea of changing the colour – I’m always changing my mind though so I don’t know what colour I’d go for.

What about a Kelly Osborne style fluro pink or something like that?

 [laughs] Err no. I think I’d stick to either brown or blonde, I think!

Probababy best Lily. Thank you so much for your time!

-Naomi Attwood



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