Cheryl-Watch: the girl gets tough

24 June 2010

We interrupt our news reporting this afternoon to bring you the latest installment of what we like to call Cheryl Watch.

cheryl cole helicopter

Three cheers for the gorgeousness that is Cheryl Cole who was back to give us another visual treat yesterday and as loyal fashwan followers, there’s no way Grazia Daily would let this one slip through the net unnoticed. Because not only were our socks knocked off with her biker-cool get up, but we were also mightily impressed with how she staged her latest style parade. Why? Because the scene was reminiscent of a heart-warming, world-saving Hollywood moment – just set in Slough rather than the streets of NYC, and starring a couple of plump-ish Brits instead of the customary ruggedly handsome double act (well, you can’t have everything). Take a look below for proof that we’re not talking absolute jibberish:

See? What a trio of action heroes they make! So after leaping (fine, clambering) from a whirling helicopter, the sturdy figures of Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell and our Chez strode across the carpark to rescue those eager Leona Lewis wannabes from fame-less-ness. Hooray! But before we get too carried away (we blame those Tom Cruise aviators for getting us started), let’s get on with what we’re here to do and inspect that outfit of hers...

cheryl cole london cheryl cole london auditions

First up, a black leather jacket by London-based brand muubaa worn over a white silk Brian Reyes top, then a pair of skin-tight leggings by Robert Rodrigeuez to sleek it up and lastly, another appearance for those Christian Louboutin shoes that she just can't be parted from. So far, so good.

What is puzzling us though is that Cleopatra-inspired silver collar by DanniJo which she’s got strapped round her neck – we’re getting all choked up just at the thought of it! Honestly Chez, we know you’re a tough chick and it’s no secret you’re bravely battling through your divorce, but there’s no need to go all Goth rocker on us - so please bare this in mind for future appearances. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

And in homage to Cheryl's scene-stealing moment, we leave you with a reminder of Tom Cruise himself because we like to take any opportunity to squeeze in a bit of Top Gun cool, natch...

We think the likeness is uncanny.

by Jessica Vince


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