GUESS Tavi's new job!

23 June 2010

What’s little Tavi up to NOW? She’s got a job as guest blogger at Jezebel! That’s the US fashion/celeb/feminist site where they dissect the latest trends and Hollywood happenings from a pro-female point of view, but also where they LOVE a bit of controversy. Heidi Montag’s surgery binge, Terry Richardson’s indiscretions, the furore surrounding upskirt photographs of Miley Cyrus are examples of good Jezebel stories, and they are quite into breaking scandals and getting candid interviews . . . perhaps Tavi’s feminist anti-Terry rants on her blog alerted the editors to her talents.

Of the role, Tavi herself has said

"There are some things that I want to write about on my blog, but, you know, it's a fashion blog and I'm comfortable with it being primarily fashion," she said, after putting Miuccia on hold. [is this a joke?!? surely yes!] "So it will be nice to be able to talk about things that aren't fashion-related."

Yikes! Tavi is only 14 and already she’s branching out from fashion into more weighty journalism. Its taken Grazia Daily approx twice that many years to get INTO fashion journalism (although when we were 14, going to the park with the boys from the year above or having competitions with our friends to see who would jump off the highest wall were prioritised above writing about fashion in our bedroom.  Of course, NOW we see the error of our ways)

Only one glimmer of relief. It is blogging for Jezebel rather than editing US Vogue. Although we think that may just be a matter of time.

- Naomi Attwood


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