Mossy vs Alexa - the Festival Fash Off!

14 June 2010

lt's the style showdown we've all been waiting to see - fashion icons Alexa Chung and Kate Moss going head to head at a music festival. And it happened this weekend on the lsle of Wight. A-list wardrobe watchers the world over wll be aware that this is significant because for years, Mossy has been arguably the Ultimate Queen of the Festival Fashion scene. Even before she was 'with the [Babyshambles] band' in 2005, the supermodel was a regular sight at Glastonbury since way back in 2003, when she turned up with friends Fran Cutler and actress Samantha Morton and they stayed in a Winnebago which they used as an on-site dressing room (fab).  

kate moss glastonburykate moss Primal Scream wightkate moss glastonbury

Kate's infamous festival chic

lt was Mossy who created such iconic moments as the Glastonbury Rocks belt (from All Saints), the Hunter wellies pandemic, the Kaftan tunic, the moccassin boot hysteria, and, most significantly the adoption of sequinned vintage eveningwear as festival-appropriate (first seen at the lsle of Wight in 2006 when Mossy took to the stage with Primal Scream wearing a black velvet sequinned vintage cape).

agyness deyn festivalsienna miller glastonbury

Agyness at Coachella 2008, Sienna at Glasto 2004

Over the years she has beaten off Festival Fashion competition from the likes of Agyness Deyn and Sienna Miller (remember those lime green sunglasses and the black boho minidress?). lt's hard to recall today, but before Mossy's sexy take on festy dressing, festival fashion was either camping-practical, or yikes, carnival noveltywear.

kate bosworth coachellakate bosworth coachellakate bosworth coachella

Kate Bosworth at Coachella

Of course, now everyone is getting in on doing full-on fash-wan on the festival circuit (like all those A-listers at Coachella - yes, we're talking about you, Kate Bosworth). But now a new Queen of the Festivals has emerged out of the mud and of course, it's The Chung.

alexa chung festivalalexa chung festival

Alexa at Glasto 2008 and V Festival 2008

lt started last year when we found ourselves admiring the Chung's tomboy classic style - who could forget those high waisted denim cut offs, worn with knackered biker jacket (collar up) and her signature piece - a stripey Breton top? Or that smart navy belted Barbour motorcross jacket (want)?

alexa chung coachella

Alexa at Coachella 2010

Of course, at Coachella this year, she was rocking a gorgeously girly lemon yellow playsuit in the desert heat. But mostly what feels fresh and new about Alexa's festival style is that it is so unapologetically practical. She always looks like she's there for the music, not for the posing (well, maybe just a bit).

alexa chung isle of wight

Alexa at Isle of Wight Festival this weekend

So this weekend she wore flat cropped riding boots (already being flagged by our Fashion Editor at Large Melanie Rickey as the Next Big Thing for A/W'10), a green Barbour, skinny jeans, and that neat, wash and wear schoolgirl hair.

kate moss glastokate moss wight

Kate wearing the same shawl at Glasto 2004 and at Isle of Wight this weekend

Mossy meanwhile, was wearing the same fur shawl she wore to Glasto way back when (worn then with pvc leggings and a sweaty Pete Doherty) and her much loved Marc Jacobs ankle boots, (she lives in the black versions; we've never seen these scarlet ones before - so HOW are they sooo knackered?), plus the same old same old hotpants, just-fallen-out-of-the-tourbus hair and what looks like Jamie Hince's black jacket (very 'l'm with the band').

kate moss isle of wightkate moss isle of wight

Kate at Isle of Wight Festival this weekend

Let's face it, we always used to admire Mossy's rock chick style because we loved that she dressed as if she were lN the band (and of course, sometimes back then, she was). But now, we like that Alexa's doing a new classic Brit chick take on Festival dressing...

Anyway - we'll let you have the final say - who is YOUR Festival Fashion lcon? Moss or Chung?


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