Grazia’s Style Hunter takes the Dorothy Perkins shoe challenge!

11 June 2010

hannah almassi dorothy perkinshannah almassi dorothy perkins

After excitedly reporting on Dorothy Perkin’s Press Coordinator Rachel Cornik’s Daily Dress Up Challenge for their blog (she had  to wear five key DP items and three basics every day for ONE MONTH!) it inspired me to think about how to re-wear, adapt and rework items in my own wardrobe. She did a fantastic job and proved that you don’t need bursting closets full of clothes to look good. Never did I imagine that my enthusiasm into Rachel’s challenge would prompt the lovely ladies at DP to ask me to  complete a style task of my very own. But the tables have indeed turned, and  in celebration of DP’s 25% off all shoes this week, I’m styling up one pair of  shoes every day in a different way.

hannah almassi dorothy perkinshannah almassi dorothy perkins

As Grazia’s Style Hunter I’m  fascinated by other people’s style. I’m always watching. I notice little  trends and quirks, how style changes as you move from through postcodes in the  city, how a girl walks in her new heels or how the cut of a jacket indicates  it’s designer, but very rarely does anyone focus on my daily sartorial choices (and after all, to go out Style Hunting for eight hours in rain, snow, gale  force winds or the occasional sunshine, means that flat shoes are essential  and wearing something sensible to run in when I spot a girl 100 yards away is  advisable).

hannah almassi dorothy perkinshannah almassi dorothy perkins

Of course, as a fashion lass I spend hours and hours deliberating  (and turning my bedroom into a bomb sight) in the process of picking the  perfect outfit. The most difficult decision for me each morning is which shoes  to wear – so imagine the torment of being limited to one pair only. Yowsers! 

But these shoes are super-cute, versatile and perfect for whizzing around town in, so it's not been too tricky to make them work with my existing wardrobe so  far. I’ve laced my little tie up mid heels from DP in countless different ways, added in ribbons, corsages, pop socks and piles of gold jewellery! But this weather doesn’t help – it’s making even the most confident of dressers feel like they’re in a style wilderness (my feet got SOAKED on Tuesday!)

hannah almassi dorothy perkinshannah almassi dorothy perkins

So here are my looks from Day 1 through to Day 5 and you  can check out the full shoe-a-thon here.  What do you think should be DP's next challenge? Ideas below please, ladies!

- Hannah Almassi


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