OMG! Grazia meets JOHN GALLIANO!

07 June 2010

john galliano fashion fringe

Just over a week since a be-kilted Marc Jacobs materialised in London town, and on Friday, none other than fashion GOD John Galliano graced our very own capital city - here to announce the three finalists of the Fashion Fringe award. And the talented trio? Corrie Nelson, Alice Palmer, and Jade Kang. We can't wait for their debut shows at Fashion Fringe in September.

Monsieur Galliano also took part in an enthralling debate on 'Commerce and Creativity: can they co-exist?' alongside Lady Amanda Harlech, Colin McDowell and Nick Knight (check back here tomorrow to see the video!).

Grazia caught up with the inexplicably sexy gentleman pirate at the Ivy club, to talk diamonds, the 1980s and gymwear.

Grazia Daily: You look amazing. What are you wearing?

John Galliano: A Stephen Jones hat he made for me [it’s an oversized Mad Hatter style Top Hat]

This is an original Seditionaries T shirt by Vivienne Westwood – look, it’s all ripped up. It smells a bit…

This waistcoat is Yves Saint Laurent…

This [points to a large antique diamond and ruby crucifix].. was given to me by a…girlfriend in Paris [Grazia Daily likes to think this is Kate Moss].

GD: What’s it like judging wannabe designers? Do you remember what it’s like to be starting out?

JG: You never forget that stage. The passion – that’s what drove me; you’re young and you just fly through it.

GD: Even though you're now at the top, is there anything you miss about those early years of struggling?

JG: I’m not too nostalgic for those days. But those experiences are part of my personality now.

GD: What advice would you give young designers who are starting out?

JG: Keep an archive! At the beginning, I didn’t keep an archive [of clothes]. I gave it all away. I didn’t pay the girls [models], I gave them clothes instead. I didn’t keep an archive until I moved to Paris. You should always hang on to, well, not all the clothes, because that becomes a storage hazard, but you should always try to keep the most directional pieces.

GD: Tracy Tolkein [of legendary London vintage store Steinberg and Tolkien] said that in the early ‘90s she would get the odd piece of 'early Galliano' and the two people who would always snap them up were a teenage Kate Moss – and you, trying to buy back all of your early collections…

JG: Yes, I was in there once and I pulled out a suitcase that had been sold by a fashion editor who had moved to Australia and it was full of about ten years of my clothes, and ten years of show invitations –and in those days the invitations were all handmade.

GD: It must be great seeing those clothes again…

JG: Yes. We did a research trip recently, to [vintage store] Resurrection in LA and I was there with loads of the kids I work with and there were some really old early 1980s clothes I’d forgotten about. They were all so excited because they were too young to remember the clothes from the first time around – I forget they were only five years old back then - and they were all saying “this is FIERCE!” and “you’ve got to do these styles again now!”. But you can’t bring it all back.

GD: Colin McDowell commented earlier that now whenever fashion students are told of the legendary time when you were struggling to keep your label afloat [in the late 80's], they all ask “why didn’t he just do a high street range?”

JG: I wasn’t offered one!

GD: That’s so crazy!

JG: It was a different time.

GD: Would you consider doing a high street collection now?

JG: Well, I do 32 collections a year, so...

GD: Do you shop on the high street?

JG: Yes of course!

GD: So what was your last high street purchase?

JG: Low-crotch grey jersey shorts from Zara to wear to work out at the gym [along with his top hat, naturellement]


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