Gaga's amazing transformation . . . into Madonna!

03 June 2010

The results of the Steven Klein/Gaga hookup are IN! well, nearly. The video for Gaga’s next single, Alejandro will be released ‘in a couple of days’ meanwhile, Gaga debuted a few brief secs of it on Larry King Live the other night.

Have a look for yourself.

Yes, that’s EXACTLY what we were thinking! It's just like Madonna’s VOGUE vid, all those years ago. *sigh*

Klein has been a close working partner of her Madgeness for many years, up to and including this summer, when he shot her modelling her swanky new sunglasses range, created by the singer with Dolce & Gabbana.

There were misgivings expressed by certain Gaga purists when the collaboration was announced, on the grounds that Klein is primarily known for his fashion editorials, not usually video promos, plus the projects worked on with Gaga by director Jonas Akerlund (Paparazzi, Telephone) seem so comprehensively terrifying and unique that we all wondered where she would go from here and HOW on earth could Gaga continue to take it up and up a notch each time?

We know we have to wait to see the full length version before we make up our minds. But we are pondering the following questions – Do we like Gaga better covered in *gasp* actual CLOTHES?  A natty flares and waistcoat combo, if you please. Why, she usually doesn’t bother to cover her knick-knacks when out and about travelling, visiting restaurants, clubs, negotiating airports etc so this televisual coyness has truly caught us off guard. Perhaps her covering up is her way of going in a new direction, rather than trying to outdo herself on the rudeness front each time a new vid is produced. And what about her rather lovely blonde bowl cut (which one commentator suggested might be down to the fact that all that bleaching has finally got the better of Gaga’s dry split ends! Miaow!)

But most of all: Why has Gaga plumped for the Madonna imitation? Is she just having a laugh at all of our expense by showing us the first few frames of the video, getting everyone hot under the collar about the perceived lack of originality BEFORE throwing off the waistcoat dramatically, only to segue into the most violent, sensational controversy-fest since the Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up?’

OR Have we actually seen the last of her gusset for now?

Answers in the box below si'l vous plait!

-Naomi Attwood


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