WOW! The Louis Vuitton Party was INCREDIBLE!

26 May 2010

So Grazia’s Editor Jane Bruton was at Louis Vuitton’s London store opening last night, and we have to say, it sounds like one of the most incredible fashion parties EVER.

Grazia staffers have been so spellbound hearing all about Jane’s experience that we thought we’d let her tell you about her bonkers night…

Following the reception at the new store [see next week’s magazine for the full anatomy of this astonishing space] the party guests were taken to an abandoned old sorting office in central London, where actors from the experimental theatre group Punchdrunk were waiting…

“Inside the Old Sorting Office a whole new world had been created; a labyrinth of rooms. It was dark and mysterious, Tim Burton-style, very atmospheric. There were actors everywhere and you were never sure whom you were talking to, if they were an actor or not. All the actors were dressed in vintage clothes, 1940s style fashion, and acting in a really seductive way to all the guests.

There were about ten doors, and the actors were opening them and inviting you to step inside… and behind each door was a different experience. The first door I went into didn’t lead anywhere, it was just a wall.  But I opened another door and found I had stepped inside a big room that was an old curiosity shop with shelves piled high with weird Victorian objects, like an old diving bell helmet, and curios from India, and in one corner was a woman dressed like a marionette doing a weird dance. And there was a writing desk in the centre of the room and little pieces of paper everywhere and I picked one up and it was a ship’s log; the attention to detail was unbelievable..

After that I walked upstairs and found a room that looked like an old Mongolian opium den. It was really dark and smoky and there were packing crates everywhere with dancers draping themselves over them pulling amazing poses…

I started following Carine Roitfeld and we came across a man with a street vendor’s tray, and it was full of tiny bottles of potions. He was picking up the bottles and explaining what the potions would cure “this one’s for  headaches….”

I walked around another corner and found an old 1940s railway carriage, with fake rain beating down outside and there were two actors in there, and one of them took a hatbox down from the luggage rack and put it in another passenger’s lap. Kirsten Dunst was in there too, but had to stand because all the seats were taken. And then the actors started dancing again.

I left the carriage and saw an old heavy velvet curtain and wondered what was behind it. I pushed past and there was a snug, like a prohibition bar from the 1930’s. The only drink you could get was whisky. There was another seductress and an American man playing cards. He was flirting and asking if I liked Shakespeare. Above the bar were pieces of paper hanging from a line, possibly peoples’ bar tabs. He reached up and plucked one down and gave it to me, and on it was written a line from Shakespeare.

The whole place was just incredible, and a total maze, really disorientating. I’m currently reading the Magic Faraway Tree to my son and this whole strange experience was making me think of the book.

We were eventually escorted into a restaurant. Afterwards, over an amazing dinner cooked by Mark Hix, I swapped notes with the other fashion editors and I found out I had totally missed loads of other experiences, like the enchanted forest...

It was one of the most extraordinary fashion parties I have ever been to. An unforgettable night.“

- Jane Bruton


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