WE WANT: Versace's bling-tastic phone!

26 May 2010

There are trends, and then there are trends. And when we say trends, what we really mean are products that are so ridiculously decadent they set a new bar for their genre.

You know the kind of things we mean - Louis Vuitton backpacks with a £26,000 price tag, gold dispensers in Dubai. That sort of thing. Well, here’s the latest. And it is AWESOME.

Versace, a label not known for being understated or low-key has teamed up with Modelabs to launch their very own mobile phone and the result is almost certainly the most bling-tastic phone currently on the market.

Here are the boring stats:
- Wi-Fi compatible and with a five megapixel camera, the phone also has Bluetooth and Dolby mobile sound.

And the exciting stats:
- Ooooh! The 3 inch touch screen is made of sapphire glass which is apparently for “added protection both in terms of damage and scratches” though we just like it because it’s super fancy.
- The trim is finished in stainless steel (blah) or gold (yay!)
- The mobile comes in a super European shade of purple, which we like to think of as ‘bikini purple’ and has the classic Versace medusa logo embossed on to the back.

And the stats we wish it had though it totally doesn’t:
- An advance version of SATC2 on the hard drive.
- The ability to read our minds and transfer every piece of information from it without having to do any typing.

The phone is going to be available at Versace boutiques in the UK from next month and the pricing, though yet to be confirmed is likely to be around 5,000 Euros for the steel version and 15,000 Euros for the gold number. Now how much have we got left on that credit card...?

- Alex Butt



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