OMG! Candace Bushnell Dated Aidan!

26 May 2010

We're not quite sure how this has never come out before, but...we just found out Carrie's real-life alter ego Candace Bushnell once dated Aidan! Yes, for real!

Last night an audience of SATC fans were spending a perfectly delightful evening in New York listening to Ms Bushnell discussing her new 'prequel' book The Carrie Diaries, when the delicious gossip was uncovered.

Bushnell, who married ballet dancer Charles Askegard in 2002, casually revealed "...years ago I sort of went on a date with Aidan, with John Corbett."

As you can imagine, the audience was agog, gasps resonated around the room and the collective breath was held while the author continued... "We just went to dinner, and all I could think was, Oh my god, I could only imagine if something happened - which, nothing happened - but being a woman you're always like, gosh, you walk by someone on the street and you're like, what if I married him?"

And the reason she didn't?

"My mother never liked [the on-screen character] Aidan," says Bushnell, "all I could imagine was, if I'd called my mother and said 'I'm dating Aidan,' she would have had a heart attack!"

Whatever next? Kim Cattrall really has slept with every man in New York? Chris Noth really never gets out of his car?



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