20 May 2010

OH Courtney, Courtney, Courtney.

How fab is it possible for one woman to be? First she accidentally (!) let slip (in a private conversation on a huge US radio station) that she used to enjoy the amorous attentions of one Mr Gavin Rossdale [singer of Bush and Mr Stefani] which MIGHT have overlapped a time when Gwen was seeing him too.

Now we’ve all recovered from hearing that tasty little morsel of goss, she casually announces that Uber model Kate Moss, no less, also became familiar with the interior of her boudoir, and not in a ‘girl guide, top n tail’ way either.

kate moss courtney lovekate moss courtney love

GOD BLESS Courtney, we can’t even imagine how boring life could get without her around to liven it up with her reminiscences. Not wanting to sound insensitive, though, she did add – “I hope she doesn’t get mad that I outed her about it”

We’re sure she’ll forgive you Miss Love. How could she not?


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