Great Scott! We chat to Jeremy over a G&T!

19 May 2010

Jeremy! Your latest project is designing bottles of  gin; can you tell us the story behind that?

Yes of course. I’ve  known the people at Tanqueray gin since I used to work in Paris, so the relationship was already there. As for the design for the bottle and the case,  I thought to the idea of ‘cocktail hour’; - it’s such a big part of American culture. Just think of Mad Men. It’s just after work and, you’d have a drink from an amazing cabinet, with not a hair out of place – that’s the idea behind  it anyway!

What’s your most outrageous anecdote from a night  out on the tiles? You must have some brilliant celebrity-name-drop  ones!

Well I’m sorry to say I can’t give you any celebrity stories  because I would [adopts special singing voice] Lose all my clients!  

Besides, I  personally don’t really have wild nights out these days because everything  closes at 2am in LA. Back in the days when I lived in London or Paris, you go  out whenever you want and sometimes things don’t get going till after 2am! LA  is not such a party town.
I loved it when I lived in London and  everyone goes to the pub after work! You guys are lucky you have  that.

What’s your approach to getting ready for a night out?  Do you take hours or are you more of an in and then out the door  guy?

I’m pretty good. I always seem to know what I want to put on.  Last [week] for example was the Nylon anniversary issue party and I got ready quite quickly. I think I tried on a couple of different of bow ties to compare one with the other. Basically I’m quick because I instinctively know what I want to wear.

Over the  years, you’ve shown in so many different capitals, NY, London,  Paris; Where next? Are you going to come back to London?

I’ll be in New York in the fall. I sort of made  myself a promise to stay still for at least two seasons. I think that certain  brands should stick to the place where their roots are, you know? I know that  Chanel has done shows in China or St Tropez, but, for the mainline - it  wouldn’t make sense to be too far  away from 5 rue Cambon because so much of the brand is so rooted in Paris. I’m  different because I’m such a mixture myself. I’m American – schooled in NY,  but I feel international somehow. I feel so at home in London. Over there is  great – people really get me and I have so much support from journalists. So  many people think I’m English – At college people said I should be at Central Saint Martins! Even my name confuses people because they think it sounds British!

One of the best things about London is people really can wear whatever they want and walk  down the street and nobody bats an eye. Honestly, in the States it’s not the  same! When I was at college I used to dress up in outfits that would make Gaga  pale into insignificance but the reaction I would get could be really extreme!  People didn’t know how to take it! Even today in the States you would  definitely get a reaction.  

Jeremy Scott SS10

Does the city you  show in influence/inspire your collection or vice versa? Or not at  all?

I was thinking about this the other day and I think it does!  With the Flintstones collection, (SS10) it was decided before I was certain  that we would show in London, but it worked out so well; the crazier the  better over there. In Paris you can’t be in between Chanel and Lanvin and not get more chic-y, and in NY I feel like we’re more urban – a bit tougher. So  yes, it does, although it’s almost organic, rather than a conscious decision.  

Speaking of  travel, what is your wonder of the world?

I love Tokyo and Okinawa, the beaches and the  farmlands. I really love Japan, I lived there when I was sixteen and feel a  bit Japanese – I used to speak it so well, but I’m a bit rusty  now.
Aside from work trips I’m really not as well travelled as I  would like to be. I’d love to go to Africa and would LOVE to go to India.  
Most recently I’ve been to Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul for  work. Korea is AMAZING! And in Japan I have such wonderful fans – they really  love it and they’re so respectful there at the same time and all day long I  see people wearing my clothes, so it’s so flattering!

Katy Perry in Jeremy Scott

We’ve  recently seen Beth Ditto cavorting as a Flintstone! Who is your latest pop  star collaboration and is there anyone out there who you haven’t dressed but  would like to?

I’m always making stuff for Katy [Perry] – we’ve  worked lots of times. Gaga I love; I never get tired of dressing Madonna –  she’s over there with you at the moment right now. She’s directing another  film and her stylist Arianne [Phillips] is my best friend.
Kelly Osborne I’ve been dressing more and more and nowadays she has changed her physique so much she can get into the sample sizes, which makes a big  difference to what I can lend out!

Obviously Beth [Ditto] isn’t  sample sized so I always custom-make everything for her. She’s got so much  stuff in her closet. I’m dying for someone to come and film in Beth’s closet.  There is so much Jeremy Scott in there, there’s stuff she hasn’t even WORN  yet! I’m her own personal Rumplestiltskin, sewing away all night to make her outfits! It’s hilarious!
How much do we LOVE JEREMY? More than there is space on this page to say.

- Naomi Attwood

The limited edition Tanqueray No TEN bottle designed by Jeremy Scott is exclusively available at Harvey Nichols Wine Shops, priced £32.50


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