Why Tavi's Blog Was Removed

28 April 2010

Blog fanatics yesterday were mildly surprised to find that Tavi Gevinson's Style Rookie blog had been taken down by the host site Blogger, leaving only this message 'This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations'.

Naturellement the micro-scribe herself was throwing down some major tantrum "Need my own domain, dammit! ...Who's the punk who turned me in?!"

But the mystery remained as to exactly which aspect of the Style Rookie's blog was deemed to have violated the domain's codes of conduct. In the blogosphere, speculation was rife; some NSFW pics from her recent 14th birthday party? Perhaps featuring the birthday girl herself wearing a party hat so large that it managed to obliterate all neighboring blogs ?

Apparently not, later in day Tavi tweeted "Looks like it was the Yohji Oh come ON." Seemingly, it was just another case of a high fashion 'nipples ahoy' editorial shoot getting reported for being offensive (Grazia was briefly in the frame for this, but we would point the finger of blame at one of Tavi's - doubtless, long-suffering - classmates). The shot, from a 1998 Yohji Yamamoto campaign, features model Maggie Rizer wearing an army jacket, great combat boots, and not much else, apart from party streamers and two strategic daubs of pink paint, which Gevinson had posted on her blog for her 14th birthday.

Following this revelation, Paper magazine's Peter Davis got the lowdown from Rizer herself, who was horrified that the site had been shut down "over such an innocent photo," recalling of the photoshoot "I remember thinking during that photo how cool I thought the boots were and how confused I was that I was naked with streamers. In my mind it would have made so much more sense if I was naked and looking sexy, than looking like I was in my birthday suit for real. [photographers] Inez and Vinhoodh took it literally I guess. At any rate, I still have the boots -- Yohji gave me a few pairs in a couple of styles. They're pretty beaten up now, just about perfect." She adds, "They painted my nipples hot pink! How funny, huh?"

We really want those boots.

Anyway, Style Rookie was reinstated over night last night, with Blogger owners Google claiming it was all a mistake "The blog in question was mistakenly taken down by our automated system. As soon as we became aware of this, we immediately reinstated it. We have reached out to the user and apologized for the inconvenience".



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