Eek or chic, denim ski pants!

28 April 2010


Now we know what you’re thinking…‘denim ski pants? Oh. Dear. God.’ When we spotted them at the Gap press day today we thought, 'we’re all for skinny jeans, but they are a step too far surely'? Or are they?

Let’s think back to winter…or last week. Remember when we used to wear boots over jeans? Think back to how annoying it is to have to cuff your denim (if you too find your legs are too short for every pair of jeans available), stuff them into a sock and then force up your boot zip around them. Now think how easy it would be to stuff a ski pant in a boot? Simples, no? Convinced? Thealunt on our Grazia_Live Twitter feed appears to be, while marmitegirl11 not so much…‘not for the 2nd time in my life no!’
So what do you think, to ski-pant or not to ski-pant? Let us know, below...


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