Which Style Icons Do Henry and Alexa rate?

27 April 2010

As you will see when you buy the noooo issue of Grazia (out today, folks!), we have been hanging out in NYC with BFFs and C4 Frock Me screenmates Alexa Chung and Henry Holland.
We set them to work to prove their fashion credentials, Style Hunter-ing the streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  You’ll have to buy ze mag to find out what they thought of the various hipsters they stumbled across, but we also thought, while we had their attention, we’d also find out what they thought of their fellow A-list fashion icons on both sides of the Atlantic.
And here, for your delight, are the deliciously garbled fashion ramblings of Chung and Holland…

Alexa: “I wish I was as classy as her. She seems really dignified, like a well brought up lady.”
Henry: “She’s had seven years of media training! I thought she looked really good at that dinner in New York for Christopher Kane.”
Alexa: “I wanted to borrow that dress. Happens to me a lot.”

Henry: “Carey Mulligan is looking really good. She’s got her own vibe.“

Henry: “Dakota Fanning is my new style crush.”

Henry: “My favourite thing is to look through her wardrobe.”
Alexa: “She doesn’t have that much.”
Henry: “She has a storage thing.”
Alexa: “I thought she was doing really well – but she’s got storage? A hangar!”
Henry: “Yesterday she was saying she really wanted us to go through her wardrobe – we used to play ‘yay or nay’ when we were 17. She’d go to Kilburn Car Boot every Saturday and come back with like, 57 cardigans.
I’d be like, ‘you don’t need them’.
So she’d be like [mimes holding something up, grinning] ‘Yay?’
And I’d be like [comedy disapproving face] ‘Nay.’”

Alexa: “I like Diane Kruger, she dresses nicely.”

Alexa: “I like Billie Piper. She dresses rad. She looks like she doesn’t give a s***”.

Alexa: “I think she’s been looking nice recently. She’s got ‘airport’ down”.

Henry: “Cheryl keeps [buying] crazy jeans from LA, and you’re like, ‘Chill out! That’s only good on Melrose, then you look like a dick.’”
Alexa: “I won’t be associated with any Cheryl slag-offs”.
Henry: “God no! I love her.”
Alexa: “I was at the Sunset Marquis and I was staring at this girl ‘cos I was like, ‘You’re so pretty it’s upsetting my eyes.’ And then she stood up and I was like, Cheryl Cole! She looked really fit, really toned.”
Henry: “She’s boy fit. You know, some girls you’re like…”
Alexa: “…boys don’t get this”.

Alexa: “Mossy’s amazing. She just looks brilliant all the time. Just a normal picture, looking rad. Imagine if that was your face… “


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