Online Bargains Binned!

26 April 2010

An Alexander McQueen dress available on the

Are you one of those among us who pride themselves on their online sale rifling skills? Are you finding yourself being avoided at parties and social events because you won’t stop boasting about how you got your Louboutin shoes half price and your Chloe handbag for a third of its original price?

Well, this bargain feeding frenzy could be coming to an end soon, thanks to a new law from the European Union.  

“Online shoppers face higher prices for luxury clothing, perfumes and handbags because high-end brands have won new powers to block discount websites from selling their products.

New rules approved in Brussels mean brands such as Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton will be able to stop online retailers from selling their products if they do not have “bricks and mortar” high street stores.

The rules are a victory for luxury manufacturers, which have been lobbying Brussels to protect their profits against erosion from cut-price website retailers”.  [Times]

In the future luxury goods companies will be able to legally prevent sales of products through websites that have no actual shops. It's part of an attempt to uphold the prestigious brand identities that are so hard to cultivate in the first place.

Strategies used by luxury fashion houses such as Burberry include employing the most chic celebrities as ambassadors for the brand and restricting the sale of Burberry pieces to a few select stores and their own boutiques. Having stuff available at knock-down prices on the internet is a disaster in the brands’ eyes. They will be relieved to have clamped down on the sales that dilute the labels’ cachet.

How gutted are you at the news? Or perhaps you always pay full price for your designer pieces and are frustrated yourself at so much gear being available online for cheap.

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