Anna Wintour’s dream job post-Vogue

21 April 2010

anna wintour tennis

Everyone knows that Anna Wintour gets up at crazy o' clock each day to play tennis before work. How do you think she still gets away with a mostly-sleeveless wardrobe at that age ?
Unlike fellow Vogue staffer Andre Leon Talley, (whose hilarious attempts at getting into tennis in The September Issue seemed to only extend as far as acquiring the kind of logo-tastic sportswear usually seen on Amber Rose, and befriending the Williams sisters), Wintour is pretty serious about the game, and is said to have a mean serve (quelle surprise).
An amusing side effect of her passion for the game is a seemingly gargantuan schoolgirl crush on tennis pro Roger Ferderer, who she has often been spotted drooling over courtside at the US Open; featured in a four page love letter feature in Vogue; and dragged along to various fashion shows and parties, sometimes with his bemused wife tagging behind.
So perhaps it was no surprise when, during a talk she was giving at NY’s Pratt Institute last night, she claimed that if she had to leave Vogue, she’d “like to run the Tennis Channel.”
Of course, imagining US Vogue post-Anna is somewhat impossible. Although knowing that the editrix has hobbies outside fashion definitely makes her more human. And we reckon there would be no better choice than La Wintour to make tennis the coolest game in the world, (and we’re just talking about those toned arms…)



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