CHACE Fashion Juries Nate Archibald!

16 April 2010

There's only one person that we love more than our Guest Editor Chace Crawford, and that's Nathaniel Fitzwilliam Archibald, or 'Nate' as he is known to the gazillions of viewers of Gossip Girl. So we thought, who better to review Nate's prep-tastic wardrobe than the actor who plays him? Yep, it's CHACE, The Fashion Jury...




Chace Crawford gossip girl grazia

"So this is regulation issue school uniform. When I was at school it was like a three button polo shirt and khaki chinos. This is very Upper East side, loads of money. In the beginning Nate was much more WASP and overly preppy. But he was at private school, and now he’s at college, so he’s much more casual. I used to always wear blue. Blue or navy. It was a running joke. I was like ’pleeeeease can I wear red?’ Now I wear more plaids and it’s cool."

Chace Crawford grazia gossip girl

"Oh no! I’d never wear that. I don’t know if I’m going sailing? Shorts are a little close fitting. Usually Eric [Daman, the show's stylist] will give me a couple of options for what to wear. I can’t have really been paying attention the day we chose that outfit. And I always like to accessorise with a croquet mallet it says ‘yes, I just got back from practice, girls…'

I don’t know how I’d wear any of Chuck’s wardrobe, much as I love a pink shirt with an Ascot tie. We totally rip Ed [Westwick] for his wardrobe! There was one scene, I think when we’re playing croquet, and he came out in [knee high] Argyle socks and shorts that were so tight they would have ripped if he’d bent over and a bow tie and we didn’t leave him alone."

"I remember this picture being taken. It was from the first series. I like that shirt, it looks like I’m working on Wall Street. And the gold cuff links. Blair – looking pristine as usual."

"This is the kind of stuff I’ve been wearing recently. After a while all the clothes blend into one, we do scene after scene. This is great – they’re really got the suits and tuxes down now. Who doesn’t want to be James Bond? I think now they’re going down the blonde and blue eyed route [with Daniel Craig]..Being Bond would be badass, I could have a bare knuckle fight. For suits, I like Dolce, the cut fits me really well just off the rack. I like French cuffs and skinny ties. Classic.

The only thing I’ve taken from the show’s wardrobe is this amazing thermal underwear called Hot Chilli’s that they give us when we’re filming in the cold in New York. And I steal Nate’s navy Calvin Klein socks. I have, like, a fleet of navy Calvin Klein socks now.

In the latest season of the show, my clothes have thinned out… to just boxers in most scenes. Have I been asked to do an Armani underwear campaign? Well, I would not be opposed to doing an Armani underwear campaign…."


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