Guess who CHACE fancies!

15 April 2010

As if flunking our Fashion Quiz this morning wasn’t bad enough... Our Guest Editor is now proceeding to break our hearts by revealing his top British crush.
And wouldn’t you know, it’s Cheryl Cole!

cheryl cole chace crawford

She’s my favourite,” he tells us. “She’s gorgeous. I’ve never met her, but I saw her photo.”
And while Chace is here in the UK, “I want to meet her, is she single?” Erm…
So what is it in particular about Cheryl?

“She has those big doe eyes and she’s brunette“ [cue the sound of a thousand blondes’/redheads’ hearts breaking].
Although obviously Chace may need to do a little more research on the style icon...

“It’s also the English accent… Oh, she has a Geordie accent? What’s that?” [we do an impression] "Oh right! Oh well, that’s cute…"

cheryl cole chace crawford


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