CHACE EDITS: The Weekend’s Best Dressed

12 April 2010

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Today's round-up of the Best Dressed lovelies from the weekend is super special thanks to a certain Mr Chace Crawford (aka: Grazia Daily's Guest Editor for the week) getting in on the action. Want to know how he rates Lady Gaga's eccentricity and if Miranda Kerr can get away with horizontal stripes? Then read on... XOXO

We think we speak for all of us when we say horizontal stripes are tricky to pull off at the best of times but especially when they come in the form of a skin-tight all-in-one. That’s unless you’re a super-duper model with a killer set of curves a la Miss Kerr. Proving the point at the Minnie Mortimer Launch, Miranda looked like a beyond glamourous zebra crossing in her monochrome mini-dress teamed with beautiful little booties. In short, we’re mega jealous.

Your thoughts Chace? "Oh no, Miranda Kerr… could she look bad in anything? But,  don’t they say not to wear horizontal stripes? Well, they just accentuate her curves. She could look great in a cardboard box…."

We’ve seen Nicole Richie in all manner of femininine, floaty frocks and as much as we believe in sticking to what you know, may we suggest it’s time to mix it up a notch? (yeah crazy, we know!) Because unless ankle-grazers are some sort of mandatory uniform or she has a serious aversion to anything that is not a maxi dress, we think it’s high time she ventured away from the safety of what’s become her signature style. Let’s take this weekend’s example as a case in point: for the Winter Kate Collection launch in Chicago, Nicole dusted off another boho-inspired ensemble accessorised with her House of Harlow jewels that’s reminiscent of many an outfit we’ve seen her rocking before. But considering this is her own design (and she does look blooming marvellous), we think we can forgive her.

Can you Chace? "I like that this is simple and not too revealing. It's classy. That’s almost like a camouflage print. She could hide out in this. And her hair looks great." We take that as a yes.

Obviously it must be stressed we here at Grazia HQ love Rachel Bilson (we’re not totally out of our minds) but we’re feeling a tad ‘blah’ about this display of standard fashion fare (oh dear, we’re stuck in deja-vu with today's selection. Where’s Gaga when you need her?) Although this one is certainly promising, we’ve come to expect more from R.Bil - cute dresses, pretty pastels, charming quirkiness -  so this slinky vest + shorts over tights ensemble looks like it should remain in the pub, not on the red carpet. And that's fine, just try harder next time please.

Also working a well-matched outfit consisting of shorts and tights, Gwen Stefani left the kids at home and got all spruced up for an evening at Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas. We're all well versed in Gwen’s fashionable ways and designer clobber so it’s no surprise to see her comfortably embracing a couple of edgy trends – including high-waisted shorts that barely cover an inch of leg and a sheer crop top revealing a glimpse of bra. As for the heels, they’re… well, what are they?

Do you dig it Chace? "I think Gwen Stefani is gorgeous. She’s got her own style that’s unique to her… those signature red lips. And she’s obviously a beautiful woman. This is a pretty slick outfit, and those bracelets are cool. Is that a dress or a skirt… or a swimsuit?"

We leave this one up to you Chace... "Cool ankle boots, I like them. This is a Spring kind of a look. And those shades are great."

Woah, that Nicola Roberts sure knows how to work a slice of bare flesh! And after a weekend brimming with sunshine, we feel she deserves some love for this cheery number. Top marks for taking a bold step into spring time with a dainty daisy print too and what a brave shade of orange, especially with that equally vibrant barnet. Plus, we’re definitley down with the sixties style. Yep, Nicola is fast becoming a fashionable force of nature. More please!

Ah there she is! Over to you Chace... "Wow, I don’t know what to say about this. She looks like Andy Warhol with that hair and those glasses. She is unique. Those boots are pretty serious. But it works for her, she’s a musician..."

by Jessica Vince and Chace Crawford



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