Nicola's Fashion Crimes

29 March 2010

Thinking back to ‘fashion crimes’ from our past, a mention might go to the unexplainable penchant for wearing furry bras to clubs, or even those platform Buffalo boots inspired by the Spice Girls, but in some people’s case, it was more the type of crime that the police might be interested in . . .
Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s right hand man and Senior Fashion Editor of Dazed and Confused Magazine has been speaking up this week – about himself. The French style magazine WAD has produced a big profile in which he owns up to a few err, youthful misdemeanours.
Firstly there was the time he got a job working at the Vivienne Westwood shop;
“I used to steal a lot of things there. One day, the manager told me, 'People have been stealing. We now have to check everyone before they leave the store.' That day, I had a bag full of accessories. So I threw it into the bin. My plan was to wait for the cleaning lady to throw the bins outside, and then to retrieve the bag. She came 30 minutes after closing. And just when I was ransacking the bins, I saw my manager watching me. He started yelling: 'You will never work here again!”
Then there was his habit of ‘visiting’ (some would say ‘stalking’) Alexander McQueen’s studio;
“I knew McQueen's office was in Aldgate at the time, so I became something of a stalker, actually. With my friends, I would go hang outside his building. I would look up to the top floor, where he was working. I could only shadows. I also went through his bins to look at all the photocopies and papers that had been thrown away. I was hanging out a lot, not going to school”.
Well well well. Sounds dodgy – but it appears that the Italian/Japanese stylist is a true fashion obsessive. As well as his magazine job and his work for the perpetually dressed-up Gaga he works with TopMan, D&G, H&M, and Stussy and Uniqlo and is constantly zig-zagging by aeroplane between London, New York and Tokyo. Now an international fash phenomenon, it looks like his misspent youth was really quite wisely invested.
- Naomi Attwood


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