Gaga plumps for Madonna's photographer

24 March 2010

OK, next collaboration from Camp Gaga will be with *drum roll* fashion photographer Steven Klein! She’s arranged for the Vogue and W stalwart and fash heavyweight to direct the video for her next single ‘Alejandro’.

Bloggers are not wholeheartedly behind this hook up. Why not? Maybe because he’s primarily known for stills, he’s (albeit, one of the most prestigious in the biz) a fashion photographer, not really known for his work in video creation, the closest he’s come to this so far would be a viral video to accompany the campaign for Madonna’s new sunglasses range

Gaga’s been working with Jonas Ackerlund on the narrative mini-films for ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Telephone’. Jonas is a master of the twisted pop video, and has worked with Madonna on projects like 'Ray Of Light', 'American Life', which was pulled due to its graphic content and 'Jump'. His first feature film Spun, is a druggy cult classic. Meanwhile film director Francis Lawrence is the video brains behind the McQueen-fest that Gaga likes to call ‘Bad Romance’.

What of Mr Klein then? He too is well known for his ongoing collaboration with musical muse Madonna, for whom he shot the albums 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' and 'Hard Candy' He has also contributed videos to her 2006 Confessions tour and various magazine photoshoots. (Not to be confused with Steven Meisel, who worked with Mizz Madge on her naughty SEX book and the Louis Vuitton campaigns featuring some particularly stretchy fishnet tights along with the posh bags)

We think – why not? After all, Steven Klein shoots quite stark, clinical images, his subjects appearing beautiful, but always cruel. He and Gaga share not only the Madonna connection (Gaga cites her as an inspiration, owes a creative debt to her, costume and stage-craft wise) and one other peccadillo – they’re neither of them afraid of a splash of claret either  . . . perhaps this'll turn out to be the goriest, most out-RAAAAAGE-eous Gaga video yet!

-Naomi Attwood


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