Madonna's latest guise - Shady Lady

15 March 2010

Does Madonna ever sit down for a cup of char and a go at the crossword? Well no, of course she doesn’t, but now we’re even wondering if she even sleeps – maybe she just zips between time zones without ever stopping or resting in any place.
As if her own label clothing brand, own perfume, kids line modelled on Lourdes, looking after the other two kids, philanthropy in the developing world and frisking around the gym for hours a day keeping whole leotard shops in business, now she’s pushing shades onto her adoring public.
Oh yes. The sexy sunglasses range was designed by her bezzy GBFs forever ol’ Stefano and Domenico. So, the story goes they presented her with a range of sketches and ideas, which La Madgester then approved/altered as she saw fit and now they are real sunglasses - with her special star spangled logo - M (starry bit) DG (Dolce we presume).

All done as part of her most recent step towards world domination, her company MG Icon – her branding company for all clothes/cosmetics/non music products. Say what you like about being Madge's design credentials, at least she’s collaborated with some designers who know what they are doing.
We lurve a splash of Dolce and Gabbana, perfect for sexy sultry summer bits, you never know, we might be able to rustle up the (by our calculations) £200 for some of these sunnies when they come out in the summer. They are one of Grazia's fave labels, the three of them all hang out and swill shampoo together and she models for them, NOW they are designing for her . . . truly a fash match made in heaven. Aw. 


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