Mizrahi unzips. Again!

12 March 2010

Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi was one of the most controversial designers of the ‘90s – not because of his designs, but because of his mouth. He never knew when to button it, which makes his documentary ‘Isaac Unzipped’ one of the best fashion films EVER made. Don’t believe us? Well go hire it from some old video shop and watch it until you agree. Anyway, Isaac may not be the fashion star he once was (although he’s still designing and now a fashion tv star too), he is still full of contro opinions. He has now waded in on the skinny vs curvy model debate. What took him so long? ‘I think beautiful models are back," he revealed yesterday. "I'm serious. I hate this thought about saying that only curvy models are chic or something. So if I was, like, a curvy model, I'd be like, 'No, I don't want to be a curvy model. I want to be a MODEL.’ Not that he doesn’t think that skinny models are beautiful too. ‘There was a moment when girls were really skinny. Skinny, skinny, skinny. And people loved it. But I didn't like it. It didn't look natural. There were always skinny girls. Shalom was naturally skinny. She could eat like a truck driver and still be skinny, so it looked natural on her. Kate was always a really skinny girl. She never tried.’ Sigh, lucky old Kate. So far so not contro, right? But what does he prefer bigger or smaller? ‘I don't know. Do you love a guy because his d*** is bigger or something like that? You know, YES! Yes. So work it out.’ Ah, there he is, back in the room, big mouth and all! [nymag]


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