We're LIVE blogging the Louis Vuitton show!

10 March 2010

Yikes! Countdown over... We're ready. Hit us with the FROW Louis!

Aaaaaaaaaah! Oh no! It was just a purple screen for ages and we didn’t think it would start on the button but here they are!

We love this swishy, full skirt in a wintery tartan. Well plaid, Marc! (chortle)

Numerous black sombre overcoats and sunglasses.

Check out the bags! This one is reminding us of a school satchel complete with padlock to ensure no one steals your sandwiches. But the small little handles are revolutionary.

We're going all shades of green after seeing this one.

And hurrah! Here come some floral shepherdess dresses streaming out...and now it's time for ENORMOUS ball gowns. Wow!

Coco Rocha louis vuitton

We're going LOCO for COCO in this swaggy gown that shows off her feminine wiles to the max. It's an uber-womanly delight!

jessica stam

Here comes Jessica Stam looking like she's just wandered in from the set of a period drama. Oh and now she's tripped. Twice. Drat those pesky petticoats.

rosie huntington whiteley

OOhh there’s Rosie Huntingdon Whitely in a sublime oyster gown. How romantic.

Elle Macpherson louis vuitton

YIKES! That model looks oddly familiar. Could it be? No surely not!

Elle Macpherson

Yes, yes it is! It's ELLE MACPHERSON!

Finale - amazing dresses, super feminine, bodices and flowing, full skirts. the girls all looking clean, fresh faced and innocent.

Models perambulating round a giant fountain like cyclists in the velodrome at the Olympics.

Ooh - SPOTTED Jane Bruton, Editor in Chief of Grazia, looking suitably haughty in her sunglasses!

marc jacobs

Interview with the man himself Marc - when asked about the live streaming and internet frenzy he says:

"Well, people are hungry for information, and now thanks to the internet they can get it at the same time as something is happening somehwere else. The internet has changed the world. As far as it has changed fashion I don't think it has changed it for better or worse. It is what it is. Its here now and I'd rather embrace it than fight it."

Does he tweet himself? "No. I don't twitter, I don't facebook. There are lots and lots of imposters of me out there on facebook but I don't know how to use a computer that well so I stay away from that"


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