We're live at Chanel!

09 March 2010



How to follow up last season’s Chanel show, when a reproduction of Marie Antoinette’s ‘play farm’ barn in Versailles was built on the catwalk, with Lily Allen rising up from a secret trap door in the stage to play a live set?

Tricky. But not impossible – if you’re prepared to ship in a real-life GIANT ICEBERG from Sweden. YES! This is the rumour currently swirling around the FROW as the fashion editors wait for the house’s A/W ’10 show to begin in Paris… And rumour has it the iceberg can't be merely dropped in the Seine once the show is over - it must be shipped back to Sweden (hmm...)


Ooh, the anticipation…


Is that a real iceberg?! it's so sparkly and blue.. not sure..

Who cares? The collection is beyond incredible! The girls are walking across a watery catwalk, with chic Chanel shift dresses and furry boots! Cute ’60s bouf–bobbed hair. Beautiful loose opera-style coats.

The models keep losing their shoes in the icy water! What a waste!

Mmm, luxury cream furry Chanel moon boots. And the whole collection is all fake fur. Amazing!




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