We blog LIVE from backstage at Dolce & Gabbana!

28 February 2010

13:34 - Models being prepped for exit.

13:27 - One of the shortest skirts EVER.

13:24 - Seems Madonna is not just starring in the ad campaign, she's also still the House muse - like the very-Madonna black corset body, covered in Sicillian widow gold hoop earrings.

13:20 - Leopard and spotty dress. See also: leopard and lace, leopard and tailoring, leopard and tweed... All the Dolce signatures, remixed.

13:17 - Yes please - a silver sequinned court shoe with a (what feels suspiciously like cashmere) sock attached. Yum.

13:12 - Hmm, will anyone notice if I steal this; a floral short sleeved coat (it's all about that shape for A/W'10 outerwear, ladies), soon to be worn over a black lace long-sleeved dress by Contance. I think I'm in love. Once again, you'll be seeing the global exclusive first peek at  some of these pieces!

13:07 - Grazia wants to be Pat. Look at the goodies you get to play with - the entire Dolce & Gabbana make up range, in all its glossy gold packaging (plus a few next-season sneak preview products).  Gorge.

13:04 - Make up maven Pat McGrath: "we just made up 75 girls, AND we finished an hour early!" Impressive.

12:57 - I spy a red velvet dress, it's a strapless baby doll with a very-Dolce visible black corset peeping out. Just the thing to go with those rose red velvety lips.

12:51 - The wall has a long list (five columns of names!) of all the exits for all in the girls, in order. It's basically like a train station arrivals board for models..

12:43 - Those lips are the colour of deep red velvety roses.. Could there be a better advertisement for Dolce's lipstick range?

12:40 - Anyone who has ever been a dresser back stage at a fashion show, (even if it's not for a ma-jor production like this), will tell you it's pretty intense.  I've just spotted a corseted body hanging unzipped on the rail, waiting for a model to jump in, Batman style.

12:37 - Stefano says this collection was inspired by customers "asking for those Dolce classics... So we make them again" including; "tailoring, with shoulders but feminine, very 'Italian woman', and we do all the time the 'body', and leopard print" he says.

12:25 - Stefano explains that the finale is “all the girls [in] bodies, jackets”

12:21 - Spots feature heavily in the collection “simple, very womanly” he explains.

12:19 - Stefano shows me a soft leopard print and black lace dress, made of silk chiffon. It is 1950s style with long sleeves and a gathered skirt. “It is leopard; sexy, but it is not hussy, - it’s sensual." It certainly is.

12:16 - We’re talking to Stefano Gabbana! He is excited because this season the models have very bling gold Dolce & Gabbana earphones with gold chains hanging off, “it is TODAY!” says the newly converted Twitter addict.

12:10 - One of the things I love about Dolce is that their look is so classic and iconic it could be from any era. These girls could be hanging out on a Hollywood studio lot in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 80s.. don't you think?

11:55 - Ah, Bryan Boy. In a naughty fur coat "it was a gift from the designers [Dolce & Gabbana]." Grazia is trying hard not to compare that prezzie with the garment we got gifted with on the way in...

11:50 - Pat McGrath breaks down the Dolce beauty look:

- Classic but warm, the NEW Dolce woman.

- We want it to be like how a real woman wears make up, it's not about perfection.

- So the lips are two colours mixed together, then tissue blotted. Worn in. And quite matte.

- Tons of mascara, but only on the top lashes.

- Lots of girly blush, more than previous seasons. We don't usually do much blusher for Dolce.

- Beige/tau[e eyeshadow on the eye, and a bit of winged black liquid liner at the corner of the eye, but not too perfect..

- Eyebrows groomed.

- Ultra feminine. As if there was a new modern day Sophia Loren.

11:26 - This season's mood board. Supermodelmania! The collection seems to be inspired by the legendary fashion house - Dolce & Gabbana!

11:18 - Cute. The models get monogrammed satin slippers to relax in, pre-heeling up!

10:59 - I have been here barely FIVE MINUTES and already Dolce & Gabbana are dressing me! Erm....

10:54 - Check out the giant black chandelier. Glamour glamour...

10:50 - Grazia Daily has arrived at the Dolce & Gabbana show, which is being held at the very glossy Metropol hotel.


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