Grazia is blogging LIVE from backstage at Gucci!

27 February 2010

16:58 - Mission accomplished! We Backstage Blogged Gucci! Yay! Now it's to the front of house as we blog LIVE from the Gucci catwalk show... get your FROW seats now, people!

16:47 - Show is starting. Portishead is playing Nobody Loves Me.  Crazy backstage dressing antics. You know that kid's game - where you have to frantically put on a hat, scarf, and gloves before you can try eating the chocolate bar with a knife and fork? It looks like that, only with Gucci clothing. Fun!

16:46 - Abbey is already out of her Gucci gear and padding around in a towelling robe and furry grey slippers! Doesn't she even have to do the finale? Sweet.

And behind the glamour... A tangled bag of beige thongs. Wait, should these still be here? Erm...

As you can imagine, there were a few camera flashes going off!

16:28 - Global sneak peek! Aw '10 Gucci!!

16:24 - All the models have all disappeared. A weird reverential hush descends. "What's happening?" I ask the assembled photographers. "we're about to get a first look at the collection" one of them tells me, solemnly.

16:19 - Everything just kicked up a gear. The stylists are frantically getting the girls out of make up. Someone just threw a blusher brush accross the room to save time. "I need Na-ta-SHA! Jack-elEEEEN!" It's like herding cats. "What's the time Mr Wolf?" asks someone panicky in a headset. A madhouse.

16:16 - Abbey's bag! Take, that Frida!

16:15 - Yikes! Check out Abbey's lambs bone pendant. Spooky!

16:13 - Beauty guru Pat McGrath is getting serious! "Come on everybody! Let's get going!" It's show time, pretty people!

16:11 - Purple velvet coat "from Paris...somewhere" oh to be a model. Cute peach lace dress, ditto.

16:06 - The Kershaw in full effect. Most of us couldn't hope to nail a pout like that.

15:59 - Hair is "Gorgeous sporty luxury... but I'm going to mess it up a little for the catwalk, so that it works with the feathers and the furs". Ooh, Luigi is giving some clues away about the collection! Don't let the clothing rail heavies hear you, man!

15:53 - See? NOT 'easy' ! Ha.

15:52 - Modern Lauren Hutton!

15:49 - Hair god Luigi Murenu is the next to be pestered by Grazia. So what's happening?

"hair is very sexy, very easy, with a bit of body. She is like a modern Lauren Hutton! This is very easy [NB it's totally not - those girls have had rollers in for half an hour and now they are all getting mega blow drys and they all have magic model hair anyway]. And of course, this look is very luxurious - she's a Gucci girl, so of course it's luxurious! It's every woman's dream to have this hair." Yep. Sigh.

15:47 - Model snacking on a rice cake. Lady, there's like a whole GUCCI BAKERY on a table next door! Madness.

15:37 - Abbey Lee Kershaw in the house! Working a kind of Russian peasant look in a purple velvet coat and embroidered bag. Let's see you work your magic on those tights, missy.

15:33 - Check it out! Today's collection being guarded by two heavies! But Grazia is nothing if not supremely nosey. We can see pale beiges, a furry capelet, stretchy dresses with cheeky cutouts (totally Frida) and some gold buckled skinny belts. Also a mildly worrying pair of beige woolly tights. Hmm.

15:23 - It's the model line-up; Karlie, Chanel, Abbey!

15:19 - Check out the beauty look!

15:14 - Have just spotted TWO models wandering around with their hair in rollers with Chanel bags over the arms of their white towelling robes. It's like a verrry glamorous spa....

15:09 - Gucci yummies! How will the models get into Frida Giannini's tight layers?



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