The Sex and the City archive

26 February 2010

We really do try to be cool about it, but like a big old girly cliché, we have to admit that we are excited about the new Sex and the City movie. Sure the storyline will be questionable, the script will make us cringe and the characters will grate on us, but we will probably buy it on dvd after watching it twice at the cinema (although we will deny it). For even if you want to shake Carrie for being an idiot, by God can she put an outfit together. We’ve seen her walk-in wardrobe in the film, we’ve seen her parade thousands of outfits through the streets of Manhattan, and now we’ve heard that somewhere, probably in a huge warehouse, lives every item of clothing that Carrie and friends have worn. For we hear that SJP is keen to archive every piece and of course designers are happy to let her. What we’d give for a rummage through that collection. But I’m sure we’ll get a chance, because what’s the betting that after the movies comes the SATC travelling exhibition?


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