Henry Holland T shirts

19 February 2010

Tried moulding all your existing male mates into Henry Holland clones, with big quiffs, colourful clothes and hilarious bon mots for any occasion? Us too, but we still hanker after updates on the real thing sometimes. Luckily, by signing up to twitter you can be privy to his every thought, outing and morsel of food that passes his lips. 

Another of his obsessions – and of course the one that propelled him to fashion designer status in the first place is, of course T shirts.

His latest range of cheeky tees are inspired by his love of the micro blogging site and feature many of his new catchphrases – in the form of acronyms.
DFW (as in 'Dunno whats going on tonight but just so you know i'm pretty much D.F.W. (down for whatever))' FFS (as in 'On my way to the BRITS in leather pants. FFS' ) CTFO ('Wow. Today did NOT start well. Chanting CTFO over an americano')..WTF ('You know those Ipad things. Does this mean loads of people are going to be walking round with what essentially is just a HUUGE iphone. WTF?!') and a few more.

Even more techy - a new Blackberry app will allow fans to buy these lovely tops instantaneously tomorrow during his catwalk show . . . (we are going to try and try this - watch this space!)
Click here to see some of his most photogenic famous friends modelling the tops


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