It Has Eyes!!

18 February 2010

Anna Wintour

We are agog. Agog. Was anyone able to concentrate on the parade of models on the runway at Proenza Schouler last night? We're guessing not, seeing as something incredible and unprecedented was taking place in the FROW. Anna Wintour watched the entire show – without her sunglasses on. And we can finally report – she has eyes; two of them. In a week that has already brought us Bobgate, we feel as if one of the pillars of the fashion industry is effectively being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes.

Now dedicated Wintour watchers will be aware that the editrix's permanent shades are not, in fact, a showbiz affectation or vanity item (well, not much) but a serious opthamology aid – she's terribly short sighted and those dark lenses are Mr Magoo-strength prescription ones. So how did Anna manage to view the catwalk models? Was she resting her eyes, or did she nip out for some lunchtime laser surgery yesterday? And is this the end of sunglasses as we know it?


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