Marc casting real models! +other show spoilers!

15 February 2010

Just in case you needed any more reasons to be jealous about not being in New York right now, you’re currently missing out on a starring role on the Marc Jacobs catwalk. Yes, following on from his revelation that he doesn’t want celebrities in his FROW, it seems Marc Jacobs doesn’t even want real models on his catwalk. Jacobs’ company president Robert Duffy, who now seems to be suffering from some kind of undiagnosed Twitter-based tourette's syndrome, has revealed the company has been carrying out street casting this weekend to find ‘real’ models for the show this afternoon.

This sounds suspiciously like the plot of a (probably brilliant) new rom com, in which an ‘I’m-really-actually-quite-plain-honest’ Anne Hathaway-type is spotted by a sleazy top model scout (let’s cast Hugh Grant) only to realize the industry is, in fact, vacuous and that inner beauty is more important, blah blah blah, while simultaneously falling for the nerdy but hot guy who works in Starbucks (Taylor Lautner in chunky glasses).

Anyhoo, seems Duffy isn’t the only Marc camper with a case of the verbal squits. A fit model (you just can’t get the staff) has blabbed her pretty pouty mouth off to the New York Times, revealing aaaall the following juicy details about the Marc Jacobs show later today, including…

* The palette: neutrals, cream beige, colour-free.

* The silhouettes: Forties-esque trapeze skirts to just below the knee, silk camisole tops, wide-leg trouser suits, a beige fur coat, and ‘sunglasses that resembled reading glasses’.

* The shoes: Mary Jane-style flats/low heels, worn with socks.

* The soundtrack: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

* The hair: messy ‘Parisian chic’

* The makeup: very clean, ‘possibly with pastel-blue eyeshadow’ [that doesn’t sound like our idea of very clean, but okay].

* That street casting is allegedly to find girls who resemble model Jamie Bochert. Rather than jumping on the plus size bandwagon, the team are still looking for girls with ‘model proportions.’ Don’t want much, do they?

We can in no way approve of fit models releasing the details of forthcoming collections, but given that one of the details she would have overheard was ‘street casting for real models’ we’d say this is a pretty fun way to get your own back… [The Cut]


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