Zut Alors! Ees ze Fwench Connection!

09 February 2010

Mon dieu et sacre bleu! Ave you seen the new adverts for zat French Connection? C’est magnifique, non?

Look at ziz, the womanswear muse. She is bored. Nothing can impress ‘er. Men knock always at ‘er apartment. But she won’t even answer ze door. Oh no.


She looks fresh faced and ridiculously chic in ‘er evening wear. She can look you in the eye and make a joke about pearl necklaces. She ‘as no bourgeois ‘ang-ups.

See ‘ow she slings together loose jersey and full-on sparkle? Ziz girl, she is really, ‘ow you say? Effortless!

Now look at ‘im! ‘E is so masculine ‘e is half man, ‘alf grizzly bear! He ‘as no time to shave. ‘E stayed up all night reading Baudrillard and deconstructing the message behind ziz advert.

You see? Wiz ze ‘elp of the French philosophers I can boil ziz campaign down to its very core.

Meat. Meat and a well-cut trench coat. Voila!

Now, I go.


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