Guess which A-lister gets women spending...

08 February 2010

When we read a report in The Wall Street Journal today about which A-list style icons generate the highest fashion sales, we suddenly had visions of highly trained fashionologists in white coats and tape measures round their necks poring over graphs, piles of statistics, and power point presentations of all the Hollywood stars wearing their hair in various stages of up and downness. Projected on the wall would be a huge pic of Oscar nominee Sandra Bullock, as results coming crackling out of printers prove that she is officially No.1 when it comes to causing women to go on a credit card bender.

Yep – apparently they, or more accurately specialist can monitor the ‘click through’ rate and increase in sales for each item that graces the back of a celebrity. How INGENIOUS!

Here are their conclusions –

All-round best celebrity for inspiring click-through is Jessica Alba. Apparently women see her and promptly lose control of their mouse hand, as they go mad with desire for her flattering fashion! have discovered that winning an Oscar or consistently topping Best Dressed lists doesn't necessarily get people buying into your style. Rather unkindly, according to the article, fashion darling and all-round cute-as-a-button pixie-face Carey Mulligan won’t be the star that the biggest number of women identify with, and therefore copy. (Although here at Grazia Daily we won’t be at all surprised if big modelling campaign offers do start to trickle through Carey's letterbox).

No, of all the Oscars contenders, they put their money on Sandra Bullock – not necessarily to take home some brassware, but to cause the biggest reverberation on the retail side of things. They put this down to the 45-year-old Ms. Bullock’s "down-to-earth image that means millions of women relate to her”. We say – yes, plus the fact she doesn’t look anywhere near 45, chooses pretty and tasteful red carpet outfits, and usually plays quite friendly characters in films. We love Sandra, so we don’t want to damn her with faint praise.

Other names that will prove a sound investment to lend to will be Meryl Streep – who makes fashion mistakes about as often as she turns in a bad performance, and who will be looked up to by the mature demographic of women (who, after all, have much bigger budgets for clothes - kerching!).

Gabourey Sidibe too, will have brands clamouring to dress her if they know what’s best – the plus size market for girly fashion is one of the fastest growing.

Now, who was it that said the Oscars was an award ceremony for films? It's pure fashion darlink!


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