Fashion Q&A with Paloma Faith

04 February 2010



Paloma Faith and her exhausting fashion whirlwind lifestyle. Jealous, us? Mmm – maybe a smidge. She’s stamping her peculiar pin-up identity all over the world of pop, and stands out against Florence, La Roux, Little Boots, and the current crop of opinionated female songstrels as the girliest of the bunch. Never seen without a giant flower corsage pinned to her head and the reddest red lips we thought she’d be a great candidate for a serious fah-shwan chat, darling!

Hello and welcome to Grazia Daily, Paloma! We’ve yet to spot you out and about without the full works on. Have you always been into dressing up?
Well, yes. Even when I was at school my mum used to lay all my clothes out for me the night before. And it always matched, including matching underwear and socks. So that might be where my obsession with clothes sprung from.
You’re very much a 50s pin up girl, quite prim and proper. Have you evolved this look by yourself of do you work with stylists?
I’d say half and half. I do work with one lady – Kimi O Neill who works on magazines with Katie Grand. She gets the designer stuff for me – because she has all the contacts, and also I wouldn’t have enough money to buy all designer. She’s fab, and the vintage stuff I source myself. I know all the vintage shops all round London.

Can you give us a tip off about the best places to go to get the real treasures?
Blackout II
(Covent Garden), Beyond Retro (Cheshire St) and She’s Gotta Have It at Alfie’s Antiques are all good.

Paloma Faith

What about designers? We know you’re a fan of Ashish (above) . . .
I LOVE Ashish. I’ve always loved anything sequinned but – for daytime, he he! and the way he uses sequins is just exactly what I like. He’ll do these totally comfortable clothes like a tracksuit, but all sequinned. Other than him, I love Vivienne Westwood, and Mannish Aurora.
Recently quite a few singers have been doing PAs during fashion shows. VV Brown at Ashish, Lily Allen at Chanel and Roisin Murphy at Viktor and Rolf.  How would you feel about doing something like that?

Ooh yeah. I mean, they’d have to pay me of course, but I’d do any of my favourites, Ashish, Westwood. Tell you who else I love – Alexander McQueen. He’s fantastic. He feels like quite an untouchable, amazing figure though. I’d definitely do his show with him. And there’s someone else that I’ve discovered recently called Mrs Jones. She’s absolutely brilliant. I’d sing at her show for free!

(Are any of these designers reading this? Please get in touch!)
Finally, Paloma, we’ve been having a bit of a conflab in the office today about high heels, painful feet and the sore issue of bunions. You’re a fan of the high heel, so we wondered if you had any survival tips for us?

Well, I love my heels and I’m never out of them but I haven’t got any tips. I’ve got broken veins and knee problems from wearing ‘em but I can’t give them up. Its not like I think you have to suffer to be beautiful, I just feel empowered wearing them. I feel so much stronger! So its worth it!
Fabuloso! Thank you very much indeed Miss Faith!

 - Naomi Attwood

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