Shingai shares her style secrets!

03 February 2010


Here at Grazia Daily we’ve made no secret of our girl crush on Shingai Shoniwa – lead singer of Noisettes (super catchy pop like Wild Young Hearts and Don’t Upset the Rhythm) not just because we’re humming their tunes but because she has a wardrobe that demands to be taken seriously.

From her sparkily inventive use of vintage pieces to her stepping out in barely-off-the-runway clothes from London designers, her confident style has inspired a trail of imitators. Lucky old Grazia Daily got the chance to quiz her last week and pump her for all her style secrets . . .  

What are you doing out in LA? Are you based there now or are you recording or touring out there? “We’re just doing promo. Yeah – interviews shoots, press. The timings in the State are behind those in the UK so we’re only starting to introduce the album (Wild Young Hearts) out here at the moment. They do things so differently out here as well, so we’re getting to see how all that works. We’ve been doing different versions of Don’t Upset the Rhythm – a remix with Wale and Estelle doing a rap on it. We’ve done shoots for loads of different magazines and we’re really enjoying all the collaborations and bits and pieces. We did a song that was in [movie mogul] Harvey Weinstein’s film Nine and then we played at his party after the Grammy’s, and we played at the HBO party.

How have you been received by the American people? Are you getting a positive response to your style and personality?

Oh, absolutely! We’re absolutely loving it! There’s a real resurgence and a renaissance of flamboyance in pop music. We’ve got amazing allies keeping pop crazy like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and now my old mate Paloma [Faith]! – Did you know we used to be flatmates? Me and her used to go down the pub and drink pints with Adele and talk about how we were all gonna be famous, and then slag each other off in the press and have these like, fake arguments!” And now we all are!

You should really have a feud then, shouldn’t you?

What, start one off?

Yes, you could shake things up a bit!

Yeah. She stole my clothes! Well, with us two sharing a flat, you can imagine we pretty much lived in each other’s pockets. Can you imagine our 1930’s Billie Holliday parties and our 1980s Diana Ross parties?

I bet the neighbours absolutely loved living next door to that! Let’s talk about fashion. You’ve been a big supporter of young, London designers like David Koma and Hannah Marshal. Who else are you a fan of? Well, I love Nathan Jenden. We’ve collaborated on things with him already. And Ashley Isham. And also my friend Amechi, I think he’s doing a presentation this season so we’ll support him too.

And will you be around for London fashion week?

Well, we’ve only got a short window, coz we’re over here and then we are starting our tour on Feb 18th so I’ll be at Fashion Week for a few days, but I’ll be at the shows while I’m here.

We’ll keep our eye out for you Shingai . . . Can’t wait!

Noisettes new music video was shot by fans using Nokia Comes With Music phones, to edit your version and view unseen footage go to:

- Naomi Attwood


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