Agyness and Orlando's big day out

02 February 2010

Right, Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn just did a shoot for Chinese brand Me & City. It was shot by GraziaDaily fave Terry Richardson and shows the couple in a variety of different outfits just taking part in everyday, couply activities.

The question everyone’s asking is: did Orly and Agy hit it off? Well, I wouldn’t dash to the hat shop just yet. Follow their private conversation (and even thoughts) below…

The Hedge Trimmer
Agyness gets down to some gardening in a cropped-sleeved denim jacket and cute printed mini. (Are those sunglasses?) 'Orlando! Orlando! Come over here. Right, me and Henry, like, love getting together at home and doing a bit of home hairdressing! Yeah! And I’m really GOOD at it too! Come here! I’ll show you!

Cookery Club
Agyness whips up a storm in the kitchen in a cute floral romper. Should that have really been a pinny, though?; 'Oh Orlando! Have I ever made you my amazing home-made porridge before? It’s my signature dish! You HAVE to try some.'

Orlando: 'Oh. I just had a huge lunch actually… soz Agyness.'

Agyness and Orlando stroll past the shops looking relaxed in T-shirts. 'Orlando, do you think I’ve bought too much stuff? I AM naughty. I just get carried away, me.'

Orlando: 'What’s in those round ones, Agyness?'

Agyness: 'Oh. I don’t know.'

The Nostril Sweep
The pair look very dapper in formal outfits. Maybe they are getting ready for some important meetings. Is that why Agyness has gone up Orlando's nose? Agyness: 'He he, Orlando! Have you seen all this goo you’ve got up here? Eww! I’m not annoying you am I?'

Orlando: 'Get off me woman. I’m trying to read my Metro Daily. There’s a really important story about me today – Shop Talk and Walk. Don’t you take anything seriously? Why don’t you go and finish your colouring in? You’ve got your pen, haven’t you?'

Time for lunch
Agyness settles down in her rock’n’roll slashed T-shirt for some lunch with Orlando, in a printed tee: 'So, Orlando, what’s it like acting in Harry Potter? You know when you get to do those broomstick scenes? Do you actually fly? Or are you, like, on wires?'

Orlando: 'Umm, I’m not actually in Harry Potter. I’m in of Lord Of The Rings.'

Agyness: 'Oh. Really? Are you sure?'

Agnyess looks gorgeous in her silky frock. And she’s taken the trouble to get Orlando a surprise present. 'I know he loves balloons. Well, all boys do, don’t they?' Oh Agyness. We think you might be too good for him.



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